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That day I got a downvote and turned into a crazy maniac


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Yes this will clearly going to be a rant post and because of that I’m going to send a portion of the rewards to the @Steem.Dao, as I feel it’s a good way to distribute rewards to something that adds value on a posts while auto votes are trying to find their balance. I haven’t decided the percentage yet... I’ll see how long and ranty this gets. 😄

So, back to the topic at hand - Downvotes.

I’m a big fan of downvotes, and always have been. I feel they are important to balancing a shared reward pool, and when used correctly, they are simply a way to distribute that inflation to where stake holders see fit -just like upvotes.

Clearly not everyone uses them correctly, we see that every day. Many use them for revenge, for opinion or to simply try to bully people ... that’s just the world we live in.

The way to help normalize downvotes and guide our community to a healthy culture around them in my opinion is for people to use them, actively. While also being sure to counter those that are being used maliciously.

I feel that last part is pretty important for normalizing them, and have been trying to actively do my part to counter those I feel are unjust, but it has to be a group effort to be truly effective.. and we aren’t there yet.

This will take time to find a balance, that’s just the way it goes.

But what about those who literally lose their fucking minds when they receive one?

I think most here are familiar with this.. no? Someone receives a downvote, possibly a malicious one, and they lose it. They rage, they rant.. they go off the deep-end.

In fact there are are few that have turned into full on trolls and started harassing, spamming, threatening and pretty much doing anything in their power to cause harm..

And some apparently think they are justified in doing so.

Well they were normal before they got that downvote. It’s not their fault.

Yes it fucking is.

It is their fault. It is 100% their fault that a downvote turned them into a toxic human being who wants to cause harm through any means possible, and saying otherwise makes you part of the problem.

I don’t care if someone was mean to them, and apparently no one helped them to counter that mean-ness. That is the shittiest excuse I have ever heard for such behavior, and the fact that so many seem to think it’s a valid excuse makes me question our ability as a community to find a balance and create a culture anyone would want to be a part of.

Just like I don’t support or make excuses for malicious downvotes, I won’t do so for an individuals actions... cause that downvote hurt them that one day.

Finding that balance

Some people are fragile and they feel physically wounded by a downvote.. and will still talk about it years later. I feel this is because downvotes were never “normal” here and therefore they were always personal.

I think we are beginning to attempt the normalization of them, and that will take time. I also believe it requires not only the use of downvotes, but the countering of those used incorrectly.. whether there is a “reward” for them or not.

Yes you lose CR when countering downvotes.. but the value it adds to the culture of this community is pretty important imo.

I hope to see more of this happening, as I think it’s important. So if you are someone who is receiving malicious downvotes for retaliation or otherwise, feel free to reach out and I’ll do my best to help.

But let’s stop making excuses

Some people are insane and thrive on hurting others, that’s just the world we live. But saying this behavior is understandable due to a downvote they received is the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life.. and I’ve heard a lot of stupid shit.

There is no excuse for that behavior, and should not be tolerated from the community. Sure we are all adults and we need to have thick skin and put our big boy pants on, and I do every day.. but I expect the same from those who receive a downvote - whether justified or not.

If receiving a downvote physically hurts you, perhaps you need to spend a few more minutes in the real world.. as it’s not made of bubble wrap. And if receiving one turns you into a psychopath, you were one already. I just don’t feel for you, sorry.

Community working together to change a culture

We have had a long time of a “anything goes” mentality, and changing that will take time. This will also take good examples and the community coming together as well.

So while I encourage everyone to use their downvotes in constructive ways, I also hope we can actively help to counter those used incorrectly. And I’m here to help in any way I can.

But I also think we need to stop making excuses for psychopaths... jus sayin.

—- end of rant —-

Much Love and Steem On,


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