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Hive Witnesses | More Communication Needed?


3 months ago6 min read


I just am writing a quick update of sorts as I understand things have been a bit crazy and I am seeing some discussion of wanting more communication etc from witnesses.. and I sort of agree.

BUT I think it’s important to actually explain the current happenings, so individuals are up to date.

First of all - I love communication.. in fact I think lack of communication is the reason for many issues we see. The more information and clear communication- the better.

I’ve personally always wished we had a bit more for the witnesses working hard behind the scenes, as sometimes we as community members don’t even know what they are doing unless they tell us. I think that is hard for many though, who just are here to work hard to secure the chain and ensure things run smoothly. (And will probably be annoyed I am about to mention their contributions )

Then of course we have our politician witnesses who talk a lot about themselves.. but don’t actually do much. I personally prefer the first group, but wish we could all see their contributions somehow. I hope this is something that can be worked on in the future.

So Much Still To Be Done

We literally just pulled off an amazing feat - A hardfork with no issues. This, in my history at Steem, had never been done. Not to mentioned the circumstances that everyone was working under being less than ideal.

And the work is not done yet

There is so much happening behind the scenes - continuing to integrate needed technical updates. Get wallets up and running, get signups running smoothly, working on infrastructure needed for a good user experience. Not to mention the work being done in regards to exchange listings, press releases, social media comms, the kickass website, all the block explores, dApps working hard to migrate and update etc etc etc

There is sooooo much work being done.

Our witnesses are still kicking ass trying to ensure our new home is set up properly. Most don’t even have time to sleep, let alone write a post.

Communication and Contributions

I know many of you want to hear from those involved and I hope we see some posts coming soon, but those working the hardest main goals are to get this place ready for you - so I’m just asking for patience.

I think the goal has always been to help set the strong foundation for Hive, so then it can be handed over to the community with the tools needed to be successful. Many are working tirelessly to ensure this happens.

I myself haven’t even been contributing to @C-squared (the witness I represent) in the day to day curating sense... as I’ve been so busy trying to contribute to Hive in anyway I can. Thankfully @carlgnash, @markangeltrueman and our amazing curators are holding down the fort so I can commit my time to communication, exchange listings, and some of the other clerical stuff that is needed to give Hive the attention it deserves.

Witnesses like @gtg have been busting ass in many different aspects from code level to helping exchanges integrate and being vital in the Bittrex listing.

@crimsonclad (@followbtcnews) is like a damn Wonder Woman.. not only being the tech goddess that she is but running around ensuring every one is heard and walked through any questions they may have in the Hive discord, working on Hive communications, and about 100 other things.

@netuoso is one of the only reasons we even have this new home ... and continues to be vital in every aspect of ensuring its successful.

Others like @guityparties who is taking on signups, setting up accounts, helping with technical aspects and just well.. too much other stuff to even count.

Same for @ats-witness helping with communication, Q and A, exchanges ... dude is busting ass.

@roelandp and @therealwolf have been vital in the logo design and whole “look” of Hive. Websites, logos, setting up emails to making communication with exchanges easier etc.

@blocktrades continues to step up in any aspect needed and is just an over all vital part of this all as well. We wouldn’t have this home without his work either.

@howo from @steempress is just working his ass off behind the scenes and played a huge role in the code and review of such and continues to contribute in many different aspects.

@nextgencrypto, love or hate him, has also been busting his ass behind the scenes and on the social media front among many other things.

There are so many others that it’s hard to even name them all.

Also, all of you - who have been working hard to get the name out there on Twitter etc. That matters more than you know! Keep it up!

my point is that there is a ton of work being done currently and some just haven’t had time to update you like perhaps they want to. I hope soon it’s clear the contributions that have gone into making of Hive, but until then I just hope we as a community can be patient and support those who are working with our witness votes.

My votes, while not perfect perhaps.. reflect how I feel about the situation.. as do many others.

IMO generally those who are speaking the loudest of their contributions only have time to do so, as they haven’t contributed much at all. 🤷‍♀️

New Beginnings

Hive is a fresh start. If we make the same mistakes, we will see the same results. Let’s pick our governance based on their ability and contributions.. not on how much they talk about themselves.

I promise that I personally will nag them all to communicate more, maybe even set up an AMA to answer all your questions ... but right now they are all volunteering full time to ensure we are set up for success. Let’s support them through that.

Adjust your Hive witness votes to reflect those committed and contributing to Hive. Those committed to Steem? for them over there. As if we learned anything in this saga, it’s that witness votes matter.

Thanks for listening to me ramble.

Much love,



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