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New Year's concert in Podolsk / Kotovsk (Odessa region)


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New Year is on the threshold. There are only a few days left until the moment when 2019 becomes the full owner on the planet. In each village, street, house, apartment and family begin to prepare for the New Year holiday.


In Kotovsk / Podolsk there is a tradition to celebrate the New Year in the House of Culture of the city. A gala concert is organized for employees of all enterprises of the city. Including, for educational and medical institutions. Employees organizations allocate invitation cards. Before the concert, people present invitations and receive a gift from the mayor of the city. After that, they enter the hall and become spectators of a fascinating holiday, New Year's concert.


This time almost all the creative teams of the city took part in the concert. Adults and children congratulate everyone on this magical and beloved holiday. The concert was attended by representatives of the city’s music school. It is interesting that not only students, but also school teachers participated in the concert.

Now we invite you to enjoy the first part of the gala concert:


In order not to miss the continuation of the concert program, you need to carefully monitor our updates.

Authors: @jurgan and @altenor

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