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The Curators' Helper Update :: Web App Now Live :: [v1.2.0]


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New Features

Grammar Checker

Part of curating a blog post is making sure the text is well written. When we read a post with a lot of grammar and spelling errors, it breaks us out of the flow, and we end up less likely to finish reading.

So there needed to be a way to show how well a post was written before the curator clicked in to read the post. Since the aim of this app is to help curators use their time wisely, it was decided to find a way to check for common grammar and spelling errors.


There are a few Python modules out there that look to solve this issue, and the one that seems to work the best right now is Language-Checker. This tool reads the text, finds any errors, and returns them to the user. However, the curator is not the one that will edit the post, so instead of showing all the possible errors we count the total.

Once the total number of errors is counted, we divide that by the total words in the post to get a percentage. It's this percentage that is shown to the curator, and from there they may choose to read the post or not.


To get an accurate grammar percentage for the user the addition of a RegEx command has been implemented to remove any HTML and Markdown syntax. This also helps to give a more accurate word count to the curator.


Web App

The web app is now live on

There anyone can run the app and get set of posts that meet their requirements and is in the hot list on STEEM. The execution of the script is slow by internet standards so the next update will focus on decreasing the amount of time the user has to wait for the data.


The landing page is a PHP file that is mostly HTML with Bootstrap CSS, but the code that matters is the small bit of PHP used to send the data request to the Python file. Apache is actually running the Python script itself and then giving the user a button to click to see the content they requested.

Once the total time to get the data decreased the web app will use AJAX to load the content below the table, so the user does not need to leave the page to see the posts they requested.


All the changes in this update are found at GitHub

GitHub Account

Thanks For Checking Out The Project!

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