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Steem - Use Brave to buy more STEEM!


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If you are reading this post, there is a decent chance you are already using the Brave browser

Brave was launched several years ago with the intent of giving the power back to the users.

It's based on the Chrome web browser but instead pays you for clicking on ads.

It works by showing a pop up in the corner every so often relating to an ad.

You, the user then has the option of ignoring or clicking the popup which will then display the ad.

Every time you display the ad you are credited with a small amount of BAT tokens.

Why does this matter?

It can be a nice boon for steem!

I have been using the Brave browser pretty much ever since they started paying you in BAT to use it.

I have selected to have ads pop up roughly every 12 minutes (5 per hour).

Every time I click on them I receive a small amount of BAT in my BAT wallet on Brave.

Just recently they enabled the ability for users to withdraw their BAT, and this is where things get interesting, especially as it relates to steem.

Just recently, I withdrew some of my BAT earnings, which was worth close to $100 at the time.

(not too shabby for clicking some ads on the internet!)

I then sold much of that for steem and went ahead and powered it up:


I plan on doing this every couple of months or so as my BAT inventory builds.

This is something we all can do to help support steem prices!

What I just did was not a lot of money, but imagine if users platform wide starting doing this...

It would be a way we could help drive some demand for steem, and we could do it mostly by just doing the same activities online we are already doing!

Sounds like an easy way to support steem!

What's more, if you decide you would also like to tip some of your favorite websites, is a verified creator on Brave.

Which means that some of your earnings from clicking ads can automatically be sent to the owners of, if you so choose.

Another way we can use Brave to help support Steem!

If you aren't currently using Brave already, go ahead and download it and start clicking some ads.

Before you know it, you will be able to use it to buy and power up more steem!

Stay informed my friends.

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