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Steem Community - Lets get Steem on Binance US!


4 months agoBusy2 min read

Binance came out with a list of coins they are likely to add to their Binance US exchange...

Unfortunately for all of us, Steem was not on that list.

I am not really sure why it wasn't on that list to be honest, but perhaps there is something we can do about it.

Here is a list of the coins they are looking at adding as of right now:


I am not sure if Steemit,Inc needs to contact them or whether it has more to do with Coinmaketcap Rankings along with overall volume totals?

At the very least there may be something we can do.

Perhaps us leaving comments requesting a Steem listing on their twitter might help, it can't hurt:

Binance US Twitter:
Binance Twitter:
CEO of Binance:

Also, here is their support page:

If that doesn't help, perhaps Steemit,Inc can contact them about what needs to be done for a listing...

What do you say Steemit,Inc?

@steemitblog @birdinc @elipowell @andrarchy @justinw @roadscape @vandeberg @gerbino @ned

Any chance we can get in touch with them about a Steem listing?

Considering that many users of Steem are currently in the US, them losing access to another exchange is potentially a big deal.

Apart from a Coinbase listing (and perhaps a Bitfinex listing), this should be the next highest listing priority.

It makes no sense to me that Steem has some of the most widely used applications, yet we have such a difficult time getting listed on exchanges, it shouldn't be like that.

Stay informed my friends.



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