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I think we absolutely need to implement Revenue Sharing if Steemit,Inc implements Ads on


10 months agoBusy3 min read

I think and steem has an amazing opportunity where they failed previously.

Steemit,Inc recently put out a blog post talking about how they are FINALLY testing ads on

I say finally because just about every other website on the planet uses ads to monetize content, and there is a very good reason for that.

It is currently one of the best ways to do so!

Part of the reason major influencers haven't flocked to is because there is no guarantee of any revenue at all based on their work.

However, if we were to set up revenue sharing from advertising, that would provide influencers with a guaranteed revenue source based on how many views their work gets.

Then, if any stake holders decide to upvote their content, it would be similar to a bonus, like a tip.

Why do I think this is necessary?

For a whole host of reasons really!

The biggest being that it would likely attract influencers, who in turn would attract their large audiences.

A larger audience means increased website traffic which in turn would equate to increased revenue from advertisers for steemit,inc as well as bloggers.

As the earning potential goes up for influencers, it will attract more and more of them who will bring over their followers...

Do you see where I am going here?

It likely will compound on itself, like a snowball, gaining momentum as it goes.

This increase in users will very likely lead to increase in steem users and purchases, which will equate to a higher steem price as well, which will also help boost revenue for bloggers, again likely causing more and more people to come on board.

There is a non zero probability that would end up making MORE money overall if they shared some of the revenue with bloggers than if they kept all of it.

The reason for this is mostly explained above.

In laymen's terms, owning 100% of something small is not nearly as lucrative as owning 50% of something very large!

Also, if steemit,inc now has significant revenue coming in they will stop selling so much steem on the open markets, which will stop a big portion of the downward pressure on steem prices.

If demand stays constant or increases (likely) prices will start to appreciate.

There are a whole host of other reasons why it would be a good idea for to implement ads and then for them to implement revenue sharing, but this is all I will get into for now.

Lets try to make this a reality!

If you share these views, make sure you voice your opinions as often and as loudly as possible to the steemit,inc team in order to let them know how badly we think this is needed.

Stay informed my friends.

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