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Changing my posting and voting behavior a bit


10 months agoBusy3 min read

Thanks, @steempress and my other autovoters, for voting my daily shitposts for so long, I think I’m gonna take a break from daily shitposting routine.

By take I mean I probably won’t “force” myself to post daily if there’s nothing to post that day. (maybe force isnt a right word, as I can shitpost quite quickly, I don’t feel much pressure). But as I said, I won’t randomly throw a song or throw some old pictures here anymore.

Steem’s voting power and cap actually doesn’t make much sense in my opinion, like @heimindanger wrote in one of his recent posts. Why should we vote 10 times per day any way? What if we suddenly have a inspiration to write a few posts, then should we still wait a few day to posts one another, a bit silly, no? What if someone used to write awesome stuff remained unnoticed by whales, when whales finally take a look at the page, that author started shitposting, then does the past hardwork count or not?

Steem still has a lot of problem, today I won’t go too deep in this issue, but seems like we’ve solved some bidbot problems, not bad at least.

I might appear talkative (maybe?) on steem in social media. I don’t really talk much in real life, sometimes I feel some days only in my vlogs I talk, haha.

Or maybe for someone who loves selfie and sharing stuff, I will still post daily here lol, I don’t really know.

But on my non-travel, non-festival days, my life is also a bit boring. So posting life seems a bit meaningless on #newsteem.

I’d love to make some weekly music curation posts for some nice songs I discovered throughout the week.

I’m planning a long trip again, I’m excited. This time I’d like to keep my itinerary a secret before I post it, and share it instantly. More interesting this way!

As for voting habit, I have a “long ongoing circle” probably just like anyone that’s been long here. I don’t know how to break the circle. Always feel if someone vote for me, I have to vote back in return haha. That’s how other social media works too right? On facebook, instagram I also vote for vote a lot! Probably gonna be a bit difficult for me. I’ll adjust some autovote list and try manual curate more.

Probably autovote again or follow some reputable curation trails when I’m travelling lol.





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