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Memories of you have become ashes. I thought I would hold them forever;
reminisce about them.
You made a fool of my emotions
A joke of my trust.
You made a play out of every thing I sacrificed on the altar.

You pushed me to the wall and drained every warmth from my heart.
You stabbed me until my voice faded,
Until I could no longer feel anything;
Until my senses became powerless, useless and defeated.

Now I look and don't see anything
I touch and I'm out of feelings.
I open my mouth to speak but I can't convey my thoughts.
I tried to forget you but you ressurected.
You called me out of the blues.
You juggled my memory and brought a flood of emotions so overwhelming.

Why did you call?
Was it an accident?
Did you miss me? Or maybe you missed hurting me or maybe putting me in a helpless condition and blowing grammar at me, most learned colleague? Which is it? Or you wanted to find out if I was dead?


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