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Intrauterine Adventure

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3 months agoeSteem4 min read
I arrived at Mom's baby factory in a long-tailed worm called sperm left there by Dad.

During the first months I was a small ball that grew progressively and like a tree I branched into organs, hands, feet, eyes and the figure that would later anatomically make me what I am.

As Siamese, I was always attached to my mother by a cord that came out of what is now my navel, so all reactions of her had an effect on me.

The adventure of growing up was quite an odyssey where I was perceiving strange and pleasant things.

The outside world did not escape my sensations, nor the excesses that were committed.

Once I almost died asphyxiated by the effects of the cigarette smoke that my mother inhaled accompanying a group of friends who gossiped about meaningless things, I hit the bag with my feet warning of my discomfort but the only response I received was.

-It's moving, feel it.

The parrots placed their hands on the protuberance and then affirmed.

-It's going to be a tremendous baby.

On another occasion I almost sing gurgling in the liquid when the alcohol she was consuming, celebrating her birthday, filled my bloodstream through the cord.

And I can't even count the effects of the rays of a device that several times I was placed to determine my position and sex.

Nor the emotional changes that I suffered when my mother was enraged or altered.

However, none of that is comparable to how happy I felt knowing something so dear to my parents, who from the first moment consented to me, even if they couldn't touch me, I was touched by the sweet words of them who addressed me from the outside of my skin but gave me a chill that I associated with something rich.

During those months my ears were delighted with the music and the pleasant sounds or they were stunned with the thunderous ones.

My watery home was filling more and more with liquid adjusting to my rapid growth.

As an extraterrestrial in his faraway world, I imagined that the outside was fabulous and although it intrigued me, at other times I was afraid that I would have to be there.

From the outside many think that we are just a fetus without needs, feelings or activities, but they are wrong, we are as human beings as anyone and should be punished whoever attempts against our integrity.

The first thing I thought when I was 7 months old in the factory, is that my father surely wants me to be a footballer because all the time he puts his hand on my belly and yells at me.

-Kick, kick, kick.

Many times I pleased him, other times I pretended to be deaf and I stayed still, so my mother answered him.

-He's sleeping, he's not moving.

My biggest scare was one day when my mother almost threw me out untimely, I had to cling tightly to the membrane that covered me while I felt that she was crying very nervously because of that mishap.

Thank God the doctor was able to calm down that earthquake, although later I had several days with the sensation of acid in my organism.

The following month she had a lot of time in her bed and I felt like a king in the amniotic world of her womb.

Already the memories of those months have been erased but the sensations remain.

From a microscopic cell I am already a baby.

It is undoubtedly fantastic.


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