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Liquidity in the central stock market


3 months ago2 min read

There are many ways to analyze it. However, I will say that liquidity is a key issue and you can ask why liquidity is not there. because in a decentralized stock the objective is to ensure that fund security, decentralization, confidentiality and at the same time is decentralized, and not everyone is largely scalable.

On the other hand, in centralized exchanges, the fund is held in a centralized account and server, and therefore, liquidity is easy to increase and centralized, and the delay is greatly reduced when the calculation is performed from a single point, and therefore the target is directed here around the low latency of the liquidity.

Now, it is clear that users are still influencing scalability and latency factors and, therefore, they still head towards central purchases, although they know the risk of single point failure.

The best way to increase the liquidity in the decentralized stock market is to establish a bridge between all decentralized exchanges and make it interoperable. The second thing to do is to improve scalability. This can really increase liquidity in decentralized exchanges.

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