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The Begging Concept "Have You Attained The Right Proportion"?


5 months agoDTube

So there's always an opinionated view about the begging concept this is because sometimes sentiments makes us determine right and wrong, even if it may be clouded, in this instance I speak of why I think the begging concept shouldn't be adopted by anyone on the blockchain, it's definitely good to beg when you need something but most importantly begging chops off your reputation a bit, whether you realise it or not, since the blockchain is peer to peer, it means you really have to even contribute more if you'll ever perchance beg for a huge help. Don't get me wrong, the concept of begging will still be opinionated, but one thing is constant, begging doesn't go well expecially if a group of people think you've done nothing to warrant that help, Rather I think the help should naturally come when people deems you fit.

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