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Real Madrid; All Talent And Quality But No Direction; Who Is To Blame? (An Editorial Analysis By @Josediccus)


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The PSG sporting director was spotted telling the media how Zinedine Zidane seems to be distabilizing their star man Kylian Mbappe from playing good football at parc de princess by suggesting that he'll like to have the 20 year old at the Santiago Bernebeu and how awesome the Los Blancos will be with him. From my point of view this is total disrespect for the French giants and knowing how lose Zidane seems when speaking to the media I won't be surprised if Mbappe starts missing training like many players in other to force a move to Madrid, who knows? It could be his tactics anyway afterall this is what Madrid do when they want a player badly and it's evident in players like Tibaut Courtois. Madrid have the whole financial mash up and they bully everyone in the transfer market and this has definitely bought them titles and champions league trophies over the span of the last fifteen years you might be arguing that that's not true but when you look at the influx of the players that Madrid has had over the years, you'd discover they'd spent a fortune to stay relevant but In the last four years it's currently not been working for them.

After looking at the whole scenario surrounding this story I've come to deduce that Zidane is not just a confused man but a manager that lacks direction, he's often too focused on buying every ounce of quality in the transfer market and building a gigantic squad. Make no mistake most players at their peak wants to play for Real Madrid this was exactly the case with Eden Hazard but believe me it's not just about the move. Believe me the history behind the success of Real Madrid and the money that's also owned by the clubs makes them a dream place to play, but just like Manchester United I think Real Madrid are no more the giants they used to be but a bunch of big money spenders who really doesn't know how to succeed anymore and the more Many players begins to realise this, the more Real Madrid will stop being the dream team they want to play for.

As for Zinedine Zidane, he's a just a lucky guy who was opportuned to inherit a very good team while Christiano Ronaldo was there and now that Ronaldo is gone Real Madrid seems to have lost purpose, ambition and a plan to really rise back to the summit of world football. Instead they're spending money buying talent and lack the real criteria in other to build a team. Truth is Zinedine Zidane is a good coach but not a good manager, he can't build Real Madrid again into a formidable side like the likes Manchester City of this world. I know people might argue that Real Madrid are doing well, but to what means? When last did a huge player made impact in the Madrid squad? Can we point fingers at a player or players who can step up in a difficult game where they're playing a purely defensive side and make a huge impact? The answer is definitely old. So the Real Madrid of the past and the one of the present which holds more value?

The truth is individualism is what Real Madrid is all about now and in my opinion I think it's very wrong for Zinedine Zidane to go everywhere unsettling teams because he wants to buy their star man. The board of directors at the Santiago Bernebeu are really confused and this is evident in their choice of coaching staff, transfer Policy and choice of manager as well. The club's inability to prepare for the aftermath of Ronaldo will continue to be a Stumbling block just like Manchester United failed to prepare for the exit Alex Ferguson. In truth Real Madrid and Manchester United are having almost similar problems and the truth is getting a Manager that will build a team that'll last for up to two decades or more and these two giants didn't have that in Ole Gunner Solskjaer and Zinedine Zidane respectively. In truth Real Madrid is all talent but no direction and sadly their board and then alone should shoulder the blame.


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