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9000 Steem Power MILESTONE REACHED! Believing On The Steem Potential


8 months ago5 min read


I started 2019 with just under 2.5k SP and needed just 10SP so I just powered that up straight up (see screenshot below) and in 11 months it's been huge to achieve more than 6.5k SP even if I actually powered up over 2K SP in the space of 10 months on steem I must definitely say it's been huge nonetheless. Truth is, steem has been massive and 2019 has been a year which I've constantly built my stake and I'm looking to actually finish 2019 with 10k SP. I've been a Small investor and more of a huge and impacting content creator and while I really do not have a business model or pattern for investing I wouldn't call myself a loser like many would because i bought steem when it was 0.38$ about 6 or 7 months ago. I also bought steem when it was about 0.16$ just about little in the region of 600 steem and also about 800 when it was 0.38$ while powering up about 50 steem for a consecutive 7 months on a bounce since the start of Spud by @streetstyle.


The coming of the tribes has really been amazing and it's even helped me built my Steem power, steemleo for example as well as, creativecoin and neoxian. According to @abh12345's stats I've once withdrawn 58 steem from steem engine for a month and all these are the earnings from using the tribes and I've actually powered them up extraly to boost my steem power and I'm must say in three months of using the tribes I've powered up at least 50 steem which has amounted to like 150 steem plus can't get the exact stat now from steemworld. Truth is the hardfork has been a blessing in disguise and since it's inception like four months ago I've managed to actually get about 15 SP For my stake for each week after curation which means I get just about 2 steem daily for an 8K SP, although I won't sayy curation has been too notch but I Make use of steemauto as well as manual curation in other to actually hit this 2 daily SP and I'm actually waiting to see the stats now that I've hit 9k although I'm not expecting it to change too much but just a little addition.

For having ₦68000 Nigerian currency I bought about 480 steem when it was at 0.38$. I'm thinking even if the value might have dropped me, me powering it up will make up in curation especially when I get to check the stats in like a year time of curation and that's definitely one thing about steem you're hardly a loser especially when you take positives of your position or what you consider loss and play the curation game in the long run. So notwithstanding we have issues here and there but we can't questions the development of steem and how it's come to be so amazing. 2019 has been all round development on steem and if you feel steem is the only thing that's got flaws then you're wrong, I try as much as possible to stay objective and even when steem doesn't really boast of all round development, it's basically taken time to do well and I'm also thinking that it'll come around. Around March 2017 steem was doing well for someone who invested in October to January of 2016 to 2017 so from my assessment it became a little jittery till late November of 2017 where we began to see changes again.

This might just be the longest bear ever and the mindset of some who expected big things earlier have been really shaky. However some are going on and on and I do believe time is all we need. As for me, 10k is the goal before December, I'm reckoning I won't earn 100% of what will give me the 10K SP I'm thinking at one point in time ill have to power up 80% of 1000 steem that'll be around 800 steem which will give me 9800SP but then I might have to earn the remaining 200SP. However it is, 10K SP is the target before December and it's something I'll have to actualise. In the main time my savings isn't much of a priority because building stakes has been it for me, so I intend to grow my stake at least at a 70% rate basically at a 20% expense of the 50% of my organic earnings as well. So it's really essential for me to actualise it. So there you have it 9000SP ladies and gentlemen I'm grateful to everyone who's deemed it necessary and needful to actually support me, I'll build more and bring out good contents continually. Cheers and thanks you all


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