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[AAA][Review #27] Hancock


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Most superhero movies focus on a young hero who begins his path to greatness, from something tragic that gives him the vocation to protect people. However not all heroes have the same type of origin and much less develop heroically in the same way, Hancock, for example, presents us with a hero finished, human and full of defects and problems that everyone could have.

Hancock focuses on a man capable of doing anything, but who nevertheless chooses to do it reluctantly and without compromise, a man who does not feel the vocation of hero and instead does it more than anything by social pressure.


The Story

This is a story of superheroes that does not focus so much on the superhero, what I mean is that in this movie the most important thing is the man behind the cape, a man with vices, defects and a lot of problems that make society, in general, hate him despite being a superhero, a superhero who is not a bad person, but that it is bad being a superhero. That is the main ingredient of this story, a superhero who does not do his job well and instead causes more damage than he avoids, more problems than he solves and is, therefore, is disliked by society, a superhero who is drunk most of the times and that sleeps in squares and street benches... a homeless person basically.


The story is very interesting because it allows us to explore the life of a superhero in a more humane way through the great revelation that allows him to straighten out his path and become the superhero that everyone expects him to be. Fortunately Hancock gets help from an advertiser to straighten his path, an advertiser who makes him see reality and become better. However this publicist is married to a woman who ends up being part of the same race of Hancock and has been hidden all this time.

From that revelation the plot becomes more intense and dramatic because having overcome his conflict with addictions now Hancock will have to deal with the truth of knowing that this woman was his partner and that instead of staying with him she decided to leave him on his own luck. A serious story, well developed, and although not perfect is super entertaining because of the different angle of exploration that gives to superheroes.


A Damage Hero

Throughout the film we see a damaged superhero, full of vices and bad habits that make him a little despicable, a man whose only concern is not to spill his bottle of whiskey or not be disturbed when he sleeps, a temperamental and very bad hero being a hero.

The interpretation of Will Smith is absolutely fantastic, gives life to a drunken hero in a great way, puts on an addict's skin that manages to highlight his performance incredibly. In every gesture, in every glance, in every dialogue we see someone who more than not wanting to be a good hero seems not to care, basically makes the least effort possible to help. The charisma that transmits Will Smith is essential because it gives life to a character hated for being so disastrous but that deep down is a good person, only that feels lonely and damaged.


It is incredible the development that we see in a hero who through a long process of punishment opens his eyes and realizes that not only can be better, but is in the moral obligation to be better. A hero who after discovering that he was alone, breaks mentally, but manages to recover and stay on the same path of good he had achieved.


You may think differently, but for me this is a great superhero movie that manages to wonderfully transmit all the weight and pain of wanting to be better than you are. A movie that gives a more realistic touch to something as fantasious as having superpowers, a film that manages to highlight the humanity of a character who is not human at all; someone with the same problems and vices that any common person could have, but with help manages to become the best version of himself.

A very entertaining movie that has comic and dramatic moments very well combined so that no one overshadows the other.

My Review: 7,4/10


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