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My Power House Creatives Application + Supporting @steemitbloggers


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Hello there!
My name is Edgardo.

I am from Venezuela.


First of all, I want to send the team behind @steemitbloggers alias Power House Creatives (PHC) all my propers for the fantastic job they've been doing so far. Before I made the decision of applying to this group, I did some research on my own about what they do and like I said, it really amazes me to find a true community with a great purpose. I was away from steemit for some time due to personal reasons but I'm giving myself another chance to continue my blogging adventures.

Among my goals in this comeback, there is one in particular I'd like to fulfill, which is to take my writing skills to the next level. You see, my native language is Spanish but I am an English lover; That's why I try to improve it every single day given the chance. My blog is reinventing itself, therefore from now on I will focus my #steem energy on teaching about English and its grammar rules, freewriting, fiction, personal stories, and a weekly video recap of my activities. I'm also on twitter supporting the hustle -you might have seen me as @therealsnowjon over there- which is how I found out about @steemitbloggers and Power House Creatives (PHC). it suffices to say that it would be my honor and pleasure to belong to this community in order to help the best I can.

As a special favor, I would like to ask for your support to Power House Creatives (PHC) for a 20k Steem Power delegation which would surely help quality content creators by voting for @steemitbloggers here.

I wish you good fortune on the wars to come.


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