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Justin Sun Will Meet His Hive Moon - A Message Of Hope To HIVE


14 days ago2 min read


Afternoon peeps! You know what's going on on HIVE, there has been a lot of buzz regarding Justin boy and his malicious ways. this time around he decided to seize the funds of 60 so Hivers. A lot of crazy stuff has been happening in the last Two days. Ten minutes before steem's hardfork 23 an account under the name of community321 which allegedly was supposed to seize the funds, did the miracle and transfered all the seized funds to Bittrex with a memo saying "stealing is bad". After some tense hours where hivers (myself included) took Twitter and main social media, to make fun of Justin whith tons of memes and "friendly" messages towards the aforementioned antagonist. It surely was a great time until Bittrex news arrived.

In their official statement, Bittrex pretty much washed their hands by alleging they are going to go through Blockchain rules and respect the witnesses consensus regardless how sneaky they were. Bottom line is that they are planning to return the funds to community321 provided identity confirmation and ownership. It's suffice to say that the person behind the statement clearly, at least in spirit, is with us. Yet the results are remain to be seen...

This is a video I recorded a couple of months ago when the steemtakeover was taking course. I'm sharing this video again because the message on it, fits the situation we are currently facing. Despite the outcome we need to remain united and together; The ending is unmissable still the message is what really matters. Stay strong brothers! Goodness always prevails.

Original Speech By History Channel's "Vikings"

“All of my life, and all of your lives, have come to this point. There is nowhere else to be but here. Nowhere else to live or die, but here. To be here now is the only thing that matters. So gather yourselves, gather all of your strength and sweetness into an iron ball. For we will attack again and again. Until we reach and overcome their king, or we die in the attempt. Attack! Attack! Attack! Blow the horns! Beat the drums! And have courage! For there will be no turning back, only victory or death!”


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