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The Number 1 Problem With Crypto


19 days ago3 min read

The Number 1 Problem With Crypto.png

So unless you've been living under a rock in the crypto world, you will have heard about the 'J.K. Rowling' drama that took place over the past few days...

A quick backstory to frame my 'rant' properly :)

So the famed author of the Harry Potter series got a real good taste of 'crypto Twitter' over the weekend from this simple reply she made...


What happened next was...Fascinating to say the least. She got thousands of replies from people shilling their referral links to honest crypto fans trying to explain what Bitcoin means to the world.

What a mess!

It was chaos, and even a fake account started getting in on the fun, claiming that J.K. had purchased her first Bitcoin from Coinbase...

Look, I'm 100000% for crypto! I think it's going to change everything that matters for the entire population of the earth...But....And here's the big BUT...

We've. Got. To. Make. It. Easier. For. The. Normal. Everyday. Person!

The every day person doesn't care about...

  • Algorithms
  • Decentralization (yet!)
  • Who Satoshi is!
  • Proof of Work
  • Proof of Stake
  • Hashes
  • Steem vs. Hive
  • BTC vs BCH
  • Mining

I mean the list can go on and on....

Here's what people do care about....

Can I use it, and do my friends use it!

And if you put roadblocks up that stops arguably the most celebrated author in the past quarter century up, from just understanding what this stuff is in 3 words or less....We've got a lot of work to do.

This is why HIVE is so important...

Bitcoin is great, and it's got the whole world thinking crypto...But using it every day for purchases and day to day activities has proven to be..A challenge.

HIVE is something the everyday person can....Figure out in 2 minutes or less;

Projects like @hiveonboard are going to bring more people onto the blockchain than we've had before because it's...Stupid simple!

Projects like @threespeak will start to attract more and more content creators fed up with YouTube's banning and their new log in process is PERFECT...Wanna know why? People understand signing in with a username and password...As soon as you start throwing account keys at them, they run and hide!

And these are the applications that will make it easy for the everyday person to not only adopt a blockchain and crypto currency, but share it with their friends and families as well.

Remember I've been ranting about 'actual use case' for all crypto...This is why HIVE can win...We can use this stuff, it's becoming a LOT easier to onboard, the community is passionate and we have the applications that will attract everyday people....

So my nugget is this...

Let everyone else try to 'explain' to people what crypto is and the blockchain can become...

We'll just use it everyday and become the example the world will follow!


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