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The Dtube Book Review - Platform by Cynthia Johnson


4 months ago2 min read

I started reading this gem about two weeks ago and finally got through it this week..

And I apologize for not getting through it sooner, because it started off with a bang and got me REALLY excited...

As you can see on my post from a few weeks ago...

But life happens, no excuse...Book review i ready this week :)

Platform by Cynthia Johnson is brilliant work!

It's part history lesson and also part college course that shows people the in's and out's of developing a strong personal brand.

At around 200 pages, it's a very easy book to read and I enjoyed the mix of personal success stories as well as some practical steps you can use today to build your personal brand.

Of course...I try to tie in everything I learn by reading into steps we can take here on Steem!

So I hope you enjoy the review and have a fantastic weekend...

I'll upvote all your comments, and give some @SteemBasicIncome units to the best feedback and book recommendations on the topic of personal branding!

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