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Today Hundreds of Activist Pages Were Purged From Facebook, Including Many of Mine


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For months now, The Free Thought Project, Police The Police, The Anti Media and The Free Your Mind Conference dozens of other pages that I am affiliated with were unpublished from Facebook. According to an article from the LA Times, this was a concerted effort to wipe out "spam" accounts that post political links.

Next, Anti Media and numerous writers for the site got banned from TWITTER, showing cooperation between the two social media giants.

This signifies a re-consolidation of the media. Cable news media  controlled the narrative for most of modern history, but the internet  has lowered that barrier to entry and allowed the average person  to become the media themselves. This obviously took market share and  influence away from the traditional media, and it has allowed for a more  diverse public conversation. Now it seems the platforms that have  monopolized the industry are favoring mainstream sources and silencing  alternative voices. So now, instead of allowing more people to have a  voice, these platforms are creating an atmosphere where only powerful  media organizations are welcome, just as we had on cable news. 

People think that we are just providing an activist spin on the news,  but they don't see the families struggling to have their voice heard.  For example, when someone is shot by police, mainstream media sources  often just republish the press release from the police department,  without presenting the victim's side of the story. We give the victims  and their families a voice, which is essential to keep power in check.  This also goes for bigger issues like foreign policy as well; multiple  full-scale invasions of Syria have been prevented because of information  that the alternative media made viral. 


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