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Pompeo Labels Attacks on Saudi Oil Facilities an Act of War


5 months agoSteemit

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Pompeo Labels Attacks on Saudi Oil Facilities an Act of War: Tensions between the United States and Iran have intensified as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo labeled the attacks on the Saudi oil industry an “act of war,” and President Trump followed up by ordering a substantial increase in sanctions against the government in Tehran.

My question is, if it is an act of war, then why the hell is it our war? I mean, didn’t we just sell Saudi Arabia something like $60 billion worth of military weaponry? Maybe no one’s showed them how to use all that stuff yet?

One thing’s for sure though, if we do start a war with Iran, it’s just a matter of time before Supreme Commander Trump starts appearing at all his pep rallies in a well-tailored military uniform - plastered with medals all over his chest.

Of course, those who don’t want another war, still have a tiny, glimmer of hope. That being Trump may somehow figure out that running a war requires a helluva lot of energy and concentration - and that my friend, would cut way too deeply into those golfing weekends of his.


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