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Justice Department Accused of Blocking Whistleblower Disclosure


5 months agoSteemit2 min read

Justice Department Accused of Blocking Whistleblower Disclosure: U.S. House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff has accused the Justice Department of blocking intelligence officials from giving Congress a whistleblower complaint reported to involve communications between President Donald Trump and a foreign leader - a charge Mr Trump is calling “fake news.”

Now let’s see, the President claims he’s done nothing wrong, but then instructs his henchmen not to allow Congress to even see the complaint? Why sure, that sounds exactly like what an innocent person would do. And, of course it's fake news. “Hell, I’m sure he wasn't even in the room when he was having that conversation with a foreign leader.”

And all this, coming from a guy who recently altered an official weather map with a Sharpie pen during a national emergency - to try and cover up for his own misunderstanding of the forecast. A guy who gave Russia private meetings - after first telling all the Americans to leave the room. Why would anyone be suspicious of a guy like that?

Not that any of this would ever matter to Trump’s cultist followers one way or the other anyway. Hell, Trump could announce he’s been working for the Klingons all this time and they wouldn’t care, just as long as he keeps caging immigrant children, does whatever the NRA and Putin instruct him to do and continues making cuts to everyone’s healthcare benefits.


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