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Sunrise on goat ( ↩ī¸ Resteem â–ļī¸ $0.5 👍)


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Hello, I'm Joey Park working on blockchain industries. Today, I'm introducing this picture that was taken by @jinbtonic 10 months ago. I think She is most capable of taking pictures in South Korea. Unfortunately, Some of pictures were not got the spotlight. So that, I'd been allowed uploading her picture on my blog. Then, I'm sharing this rewards 5:5 ratio with her.

Below paragraphs were written by @jinbtonic.

I was at backyard every morning, and finally faced beautiful sunrise after 7 days cloudy mornings. Then this goat came to me like he is sharing this moment with me

And, This picture was taken in Gobi desert, Mongolia.

I've never seen horizontal in South Korea. Because, There are full of mountains. If you visit to South Korea, you can see mountains everywhere. So, I'm just wondering that If I actually see horizontal, What will I feel and think about that 😊 When you saw this picture, what did you feel and think about it ❓

You can look more pictures having high quality and resolution on her blog as well. Just Feel free to follow and visit her blog.

I always look for nice photography. Because, these are possible to enhance Steem blockchain and to gather more people. Anyways, Thanks for your interest and time.

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