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Internet of Things (IOT) everything is connected


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Everyday we get more and more devices connected to the internet, from our homes, cars, clothing, personal gadgets etc, the world is becoming connected, we have entered ubiquitous computing. As the processor decreases and becomes more powerful we are able to add more usage to the computers and devices, this is leading them to become independent of human interactions. The more we add computers in our lives the more we need them to communicate with one another so as to make our work easier. this has led to a new world of interconnectivity where all devices are connected called "internet of thing" (IOT)or other call it internet of everything.


IOT is a system of interrelated computing devices that are provided with a unique identifier that has the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human to human or human to computer interaction. As technology advances anything that can be connected will be connected. The idea was presented back as early as 1999 but the technology then was to primitive to handle such an idea, as chip shrank and as broadband became faster it became possible to implement the idea. This led to a problem with ip addresses, IPv4 which is a 32bit protocol with a capacity of 4.3 billion addresses had already reached its capacity and adding to many devices wasn't plausible so IEEE introduced the IPv6 which is a 128bit protocol and its capacity is infinite


The usability of IOT is endless and business insider calls it a 20 trillion dollar industry that is beginning to bud. Technologist are estimating that currently we have about 20 billion device that are interconnected and they are growing as technology develops and advances. This affects all industries that you can think of; agriculture, military, manufacturing, education, health, aviation, automobile just to mention a few. Recently adidas launched a smart t-shirt that has sensors that track your heart beat and body temperature as you train and transfer that to your phone which stores the data on the cloud. Our homes have devices that communicate with each other, fridges that warn your phone that their is no food, cars that tell the house to open the garage as it approaches, thermostats that sense the room temperature and adjust accordingly, smart bulbs that sense that you have entered the room and stitches on automatic. The tech is all around as we speak. Recently we have started to eliminate cash and we deal with virtual cash as our phones are becoming our wallets using NFC chip we can pay for anything


The downside of IOT that few are talking about is the security aspect, i haven't seen a standardize security protocol that will help keep the hackers out, we are talking about a lot of devices communication with each other and this devices are caring a lot of our data across networks. An data is very valuable this day that can be sold in the deep web for a lot of money. If you can hack one of the devices that is interconnected it will give you access to a lot more that just my detail. As we rush to implement the new tech we need to check the pros and cons

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