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Second Round of Repotting In A Rainy Day!


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If you have read about my previous post on Repotting Tomato Seedlings, this will be the follow of it, well, sort of... It's also an update on the garden as well with all kinds of repotting activities!

It's been raining almost every afternoon of the day, washing away all the haze is good but also causing a flood in some area of my neighbourhood.


As you can see from the big round yellow container, I like to collect rainwater as well, there are so many usages for it and eco-friendly. I have a few containers around my garden which can collect quite significant of water in just one rain pour!


As I mentioned earlier, I was doing the second round of repotting for the many little tomatoes sprout I have lying around everywhere in my garden. So I went to the flower nursery to get more soil to move them when they get bigger.



These are just a few bags that I finished today to be given to my sister. She was very excited when she saw my tomato seeds growing so she requested I prepared them in new soil and fully fertilised for her to pick up next week.



I still have a number of them scattered everywhere in different pots. Need to take some time to sort them out, soon...

Hey! The celery that I chopped off and put in the post is growing well too!





I also have a few avocado seeds growing very well. So I started to put them into a bigger space. I have never planted avocado before, I have no idea how the outcome would be, but since they decided to grow in my garden, I might as well give them a chance right...


Need to separate this two very soon, they are growing so big now. Look at their stem!

The amazing thing is, the right one is actually a mango tree grown from seed. The left one is an avocado grown from seed as well. They grow side by side, equally big, just like a twin brother... I'm scratching my head on how to separate them right now...



I think this is a Papaya tree, from a seed dropped by birds or some kind...

I was really surprised to see this one growing out from my pot, I never throw any papaya seed in my garden before because I know papaya need space to plant, and I have none...

But like I said, if they choose to grow in my garden, I will not destroy them and just let the nature takes its course. I must say, it's doing very well so far!




The last item on the list.

This is my sweet potato leaves, they are growing quite generously right now. They were originated from a sweet potato that I have forgotten to cook, so it started to grow and to let it survive I put it in a used Starbucks plastic cup that I have at home (to be recycled).




Seeing all the roots, I decided to plant the whole thing in a pot, once I did that, it spread like wild! I think I have another few more spread on the other side of the garden. I just found some on YouTube channel on how to cook the sweet potato leaves, it's going to be great having own fresh leaves straight from the garden to the kitchen!


To end this post let's look at some flowers from the garden shall we!



That's it for today's gardening journal post. Will be tagging this post to enter @simplymike's awesome #gardenjournal2019 contest!! Thank you for stopping by and see you in my next post!


All photos were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

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