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A Year of Ups and Downs, But I’m Still Standing!


9 months agoSteemit5 min read


Yes, it has been a long time since I was on Steem and active with the community and posting content.

That said, I will be easing my way back into things because it seems there have been a lot of changes, while some things have stayed the same.

So last year, around June of 2018, I suddenly feel off the Steem grid, and some other radar screens as well. This came about from an avalanche of events.

The new computer repair business I had recently started was taking off, I was still working a full-time job that I semi-enjoyed and paid me well. Everything was moving along great. I had very little time for anything online not related to my work or business, especially posting to blogs or social media.

So, I started removing things from my to-do list that took time away from my primary job, new business and time I had left for the family. Steem was one of the things that fell to the wayside. Some life choices had to be made as to where I focused my attention and efforts. It worked well for a while and I do not regret it. Things were moving right along, progress was being made, life was good.

…and then the bottom fell out!

The first was a major hit when my central air unit and air conditioner bit the dust. This was a big hit to the pocketbook. We then discovered issues with our chimney and roof! Another big hit to the bank account.

Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse, my new computer repair business, which had really seen some progress the first 6 months I had started it up, started to lose momentum. The initial rush of customers slowed down to barely a trickle and the new ones I did get where mostly freeloaders who wanted something for nothing.

Then, some changes started taking place at my primary job. They reorganized, organizational culture started shifting, we were left without a CIO and the “inmates” started getting restless and going off reservation. The enjoyment I did get from my job was lost very quickly, almost overnight.

Then, well because of the increased time I had to spend at work due to the chaos, trying to get the computer repair business back on track, financial impact of the home repair issues, my family life was impacted. Relationships at work and home were strained.

I was at rock bottom emotionally and physically!

I eventually had to make some hard decisions. After a few weeks of deep thought and discussion, I folded the computer repair business. The juice was not worth the squeeze, and honestly, dealing with cheap customers was not for me anyway. Having a pervert porn surfing addicts continuously bring their computer back with malware and viruses only to say they shouldn’t have to pay because they keep getting bugs, was too much. I mean, you can only clean and instruct them to keep their security software updated and for them to stop surfing porn. Anyhow, it was folded.

I then started working on my job and relationships at work. Eventually the ship started righting itself. We got a new CIO who started making a very positive impact to the organization and culture. I was eventually offered a new position. This was a big win! I had grown very bored with the role I was feeling. It had become stagnant and just wasn’t going where I wanted. This new role put me in a position where I could really put my experience and skills to use and have the most impact. The change in culture brought on by the new CIO helped to start repairing relationships, along with me applying better people skills in my interactions.

So, then all I had to do was focus on the family piece of the pie. I had eliminated a business that was failing and didn’t have the time to bail it out and things had improved significantly at my work. My family had been neglected and had been on the receiving end of some abusive venting and ranting. I had become a terrible person to be around and they were walking on eggshells around me. This was something I never intended and really didn’t see happening until it was too late. Slowly I started making a conscious effort to make sure they understood they were the priority in my life, that they deserved better and I was going to be better.

And here we are, still working to improve those family relationships. We are doing good and on a good path to rebuild what I almost destroyed. Things are smooth at work now and I am finding extra time where I don’t know what to do except watch TV. So thought its time to look at what’s been going on at Steem, as I really did love Steem when I was here last. I enjoy writing content and interacting with others.

With all that said, hello everyone, it’s been a long time!



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