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#LivingElSalvador. Gorgeous, Tropical, Green NATURE Drive To The Beach.

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I love the tropical nature of El Salvador. Anywhere we drive, it takes my breath away, how beautiful and bright green nature is here and of course all the bright tropical flowers and of course the tropical fruit.

I have never seen this gorgeous, bright green nature like in El Salvador and that is what I fell in love with. That is one of the reasons why I love winter here, since everything is just so green.
Right now winter is over and the last time we had rain was about two months ago, so close to the coast you can see a big difference since everywhere it is still really green, but the coast is starting to get a little dry.

I love the drive to the beach but not only to the beach but pretty much anywhere we drive you can enjoy this gorgeous green nature and the beautiful mountains which El Salvador has plenty of.

Hope you enjoy the drive and hope you had a great Thursday and wish you all a wonderful Friday.

Love @joalvarez

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