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Introducing bSteem for iOS and Android!


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Introducing bSteem for iOS and Android!

Hello Steemians,

I have just released the bSteem mobile app for both iOS and Android!


The goal for bSteem is to ensure the best user experience on the steem blockchain.

Simulator Screen Shot Mar 31, 2018, 9.11.02 PM.png

Viewing Posts & Custom bSteem Feed

Viewing and sorting of posts by trending, hot, active, and new is supported. You can also press on a tag, and that will take you to its respective feed, and you will be able to sort it. Also whenever you save a tag, we aggregate all your saved tags and create a customized "bSteem" Feed for you!

Simulator Screen Shot Mar 31, 2018, 9.11.47 PM.png

Save your favorite posts, users, and tags

When viewing a feed by tag, a post, or a users profile, you’ll be able to save it by clicking on the ‘star’ icon. This will show up in the saved content screen, you can access this screen by clicking the star icon on the top right of the home (for logged in users) and news screens! This is supported for both unlogged and logged in users.

Finding Content

You can now search for anything! Your search results will be divided into 3 sections - tags, posts, and users. Quickly find what you’re looking for by pressing on the ‘globe’ icon and fill in the input with what you would like to search for.

Using SteemConnect to login

bSteem will never ask you for your password/private keys! All authentication is done with SteemConnect. When logged in you can do most of the normal actions that you would on,, or dtube. Such as voting on a post, voting on comments, following users, and creating posts.

Photo Gallery for quick preview and sharing of post images

If a post has an image, you can click on it to view the image gallery and you can share the image with all your friends!


Unlike other apps out there on the app store, whenever you create a post on bSteem, we do not take any rewards. Some apps take 10% of your rewards, we would never do that.

What’s in the future for 2018?

  • Notifications
  • Optimize performance of the app
  • A better user-friendly design to provide an even richer user experience
  • Ability to pick and choose between dark/light theme or even multiple themes
  • Better integration with other apps on steem, such as @dtube, @dlive, @busy, @steemit


I am probably missing a bunch of other features here, but you guys can find out more by downloading the app! Thank you guys for taking the time to read this post, I have been working on this app for the past few months on my own time, so all feedback is welcome. If you see any issues, feel free to create an issue here:

You can also join our discord here:

For any questions / inquiries you can email me at [email protected]

Update 4/1

iOS app has been updated! If you were having trouble logging in, please updates the iOS app and try again! Thanks for your patience!


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