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Season Card Rewards: Where's my Chicken?


4 months agoBusy

Well I've been looking forward to this for days now after the SteemMonsters team released an announcement a week ago about the release of the new reward cards especially the "Chicken" monster card which at the moment is the only card that does not consume any mana (and it's a neutral monster card to boot!!!). Honestly, I think I am more than hoping to get a gold-foil Chicken monster card than getting a normal legendary or epic cards lol.

Anyways, the highest league/rank I reached last season is Gold II giving me a chance to open 26 reward cards.


And voila! Here are my last season's season rewards:


No Legendary, No Epic and unfortunately I didn't get any CHICKENs!!! I did get two new rare cards, the Beetle Queen and the Naga Windmaster.


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