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My SteemMonsters Adventure: Finally stepped into the Gold Leagues!


3 months agoBusy2 min read

Finally! After 2 days of the game somewhat teasing me that I can reach the Gold leagues this early this season (like easily giving you winning streaks but at the last match needed to cross the Gold leagues they would match you up with an opponent with a powerful deck until you lose around 100 Battle Rating again), I finally stepped into the Gold leagues today albeit for only 10 seconds. Lol


Today's daily quest was the "Water Splinter", my third favourite splinter after Earth and Life. I had a tough time completing it today because I am often matched up against players with "magic reflect" abilities. Normally I would only look for "Lord Arianthus level 2" as my opponents tank in the Silvers but nearing the Gold leagues mean that I will be often matched up with players with summoners above level 4 and thus I also have to watch out for "Silver Shield Paladins lvl 5+" and the "Haunted Spirits lvl4+" which was a lot today. XD


Still I did stepped into the Gold leagues for 10 seconds so that means I am now guaranteed with 22 reward edition cards in 9 days. Also claimed today's rewards in the Gold leagues so I opened 6 cards today.


Unfortunately still no Legendary and Gold cards for me.

After 15 days and opening 101 cards (including last season's season rewards), I got 3 common gold cards and still no legendaries from purchasing both the 50% Enhanced Gold Foil Chance Potion and 50% Legendary Potion.

So 399 Charges left for both potions to which I really feel do not work. If anything else, it might have reduced my chances of getting gold or legendaries because I think I normally get at least 1 legendary around 2 weeks. Lol


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