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My SteemMonsters Adventure: Finally Reached Gold I and potions are finally working?!


3 months agoBusy2 min read

Totally didn't expect that I would finally reach Gold I today as I started my daily quest with a 4 loss streak prompting me to change my quest from Death to the Water Splinter. (In my defense though my cards are still not that powerful to take on opponents with monster cards at level 7+ but I'll eventually get there. XD)

What's interesting though is that right after I changed my quest, the Water Splinter was "inactive" for like 3 ranked matches so I have to use the Death Splinter instead and have surprisingly won those matches. Lol

And after like 20 ranked matches, I finally managed to climb into the Gold I leagues for a good 15 seconds and was immediately thrown back to Gold II after losing 4 ranked matches straight. XD


Since I immediately claimed my daily quest rewards after completing today's quest since I really didn't think I would reach Gold I, I only got 6 cards today. Luckily though, one of the cards I got today was a legendary card. The "Black Dragon" legendary monster card.


I also got another legendary monster card yesterday, the life monster legendary "Sacred Unicorn" card so I think the potions I bought ~2 weeks ago is now finally starting to work. XD


I still have 359 charges left and I really do hope that out of these 359 that at least one is a golden legendary. (Please let that be my early Christmas gift!)XD


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