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Finally got a golden epic card!


2 months agoBusy

Started the day feeling a little annoyed because my monster cards kept on "missing" the opponents monster cards as I was trying to complete today's daily quest. I was also often matched up against opponents with a battle rating difference of over 200+ (with summoners at level 6) so I was honestly a little annoyed today because of this. XD

Fortunately though, I got lucky in opening my daily quest rewards for today. As in veryyy lucky as I not only got a legendary, I also got a golden Epic card. The golden epic Brownie! Yayyy! XD


I've been complaining for weeks now about how I regret buying those potions (50% increased gold rate and 50% legendary potion) but it's kinda funny how getting one card evens out the investment I have put in and still have 267 charges left!!! XD


The 'Alchemy Potion' cost me 12,500 DEC and the golden epic card above is guaranteed for a 15,000 DEC. So yeah not bad! XD


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