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Introducing Myself


2 months ago4 min read

Hello There,

This my first post in this community where I'm going to introduce myself. Special thanks to my best buddy @ashikstd(Al Amin) who helped me to find out the way of this beautiful community full of extraordinary and creative people.


About MySelf,

I am Jahid Hassan Ridoy. It's my pleasure to introduce myself here in this community.
I am a responsible citizen of Bangladesh by born.
We are two sister and one brother. I am the youngest children of our family. As a younger brother & son I'm the most cherished person in the house.
I was born in 7 Dec 1998 in my grand-father's house.
The most favorite person in my life is my MOTHER. She is the only one who Struggled all of her life to raise three of us.

My dearest sister is my elder sister who is only six years older than me.


My blood group is O+. My height is 5.4" and weight is 55 kg.

My Education History

I passed S.S.C in 2014 from Swarnokoli Adarsha Biddaloy situated in Arapara, Savar, Dhaka. I completed my H.S.C from Savar Model College in 2016.
Currently I'm studying in Computer Science in the 3rd year of B.Sc in University of Madras. My campus is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

My Friends

I must say that Allah blessed me with some best buddies those make my life very beautiful. Let me introduce some of them.


His name is ALVI. He is my best friend. He is very friendly, helpful and intelligent. it's been 10 years of our friendship.


This one here is another best friend of mine. His name is SAKIB. He is a very simple boy but i must say he is very honest. Our friendship started when i was like 7 years old. It's been 15 years of our friendship.


Here we are the 3 idiots of Savar Model College. In middle @ashikstd(Al Amin) and right side Plabon Mahmud. These two are my accomplices in all my misdeeds like bunking classes, fighting with others and so on.

Here are the picture some of my more friends



My Hobbies:


I like to travel very much. Bangladesh is a country of natural beauty. There is a lot of visiting place here. I want to visit all those places. I have visited some of those places. i will share my experience of travelling those places with you later so stay with me friends.
Now I just want to share some of pics of those beautiful places


This is Cox's Bazar situated in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

I think you all know that Cox's Bazar is the longest sea beach in the world.


Now this one here is Marina Sea Beach. It is situated in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


I capture this photo when I was in the most beautiful place of Bangladesh called Sajek. Really it's the most beautiful place i had ever seen.


I must say that photography is the most common hobby and i don't have any doubt why.
I spent most of my free times by taking photos.
Here is some my Mobile Photography.







My Current Life

As the virus Covid-19 hits the world very hard, I was a very bad victim of it. When the lockdown started in India, I was in Chennai. Due to some issue I couldn't move from there. As a result i had to stay in the university hostel for almost 63 days. The worst part of that is I was the only one person who was staying in that hostel, no one else was there.
After 63 days I got a special flight of US-Bangla airlines from Chennai to Dhaka on 21 May.
Now I am at home and planing to work with HIVE community.
Hopefully I can learn something good from here and have the opportunity to meet amazing people.

I wish everyone well.
Stay home, Stay safe.



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