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Promote Steem Posts and Fund Budget Proposals with Our Voting Bot!


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Transferring 0.1+ SBD to @jerrybanfield with the link to a post on now results in an automatic upvote based on the existing bids with half of the amount sent going to fund budget proposals to grow Steem from while the other half is returned to investors delegating Steem power to @jerrybanfield!

To track bids on the @jerrybanfield voting bot, visit by @yabapmatt. The bot votes 10 times a day at the same times every day.

Steem Post Promotion Tutorial!

To make a bid on the bot for promoting a post, visit while replacing jerrybanfield with our username. Next, go to SBD and select "transfer"

Then, enter in jerrybanfield into the account name, choose the amount of SBD to send with a minimum of 0.1 SBD, and place only the post URL from in the memo field.

Finally, hit send to complete the transfer using the active key to sign in! The vote will then automatically be placed within 3 hours at the most along with a comment thanking you for promoting the post! Invalid bids will automatically be returned.

Currently we are only accepting SBD but soon Steem will be an option too! When the bot starts voting, it takes 20 seconds to process each vote because of the comments meaning it may take 20 or more minutes during large rounds of votes to make every single vote.

Ideal Bidding Strategy

The simple strategy is to send the same bid on every new post after making it because this gives every post a consistent boost which helps maximize potential for more upvotes. For maximum profitability, learn what times the bot votes at and check the bot 10 to 30 minutes before it votes to see if a vote is profitable. Alternatively, sending a vote at the beginning of a round helps others decide whether to bid and often will ensure a vote that at least breaks even.

For most of us, what we are short on is time and attention. Checking every bot for the most profitable upvote takes some of our very valuable and limited time. This time could also be spent writing a post, reading other posts, enjoying life with family, earning money another way, etc. In everything I do I try to maintain awareness for what is my time worth. Spending 30 minutes to find the most profitable voting bot and then spending another 30 minutes obsessing over how much the vote was worth and what the return is may help a few of us earn an extra few dollars while often leading to about the same result we would have gotten using another bot. When our efforts to profit fail and we end up losing money in the transaction, we feel bad not because of the money but because we know we could have spent that hour in a better way.

When we make simple systems and use those systems every day, our lives are often much happier even if we end up with a few less dollars in our pockets. Our hope for this voting bot is that it works to promote posts consistently AND we feel good using it because we know that half the funds are being use to fund growth projects for Steem while the other are helping investors stay motivated to hold Steem power.

Investors, Delegations, and Funding!

Our voting bot is funded to begin with my approximately 100,000 Steem power plus the delegations of investors supporting our projects and earning a 50% return. To see how to delegate and earn a 50% return on the entire voting power delegated plus a bonus for my voting power, will we please follow the instructions in the last post at because inside are screenshots showing two ways to delegate Steem power?

To summarize, delegating Steem power to @jerrybanfield now essentially converts our voting power into 50% payments for Steem budget proposals and 50% in returns paid in whatever the bot receives which is currently SBD. Soon Steem will be accepted also! Investor reports each week will show the exact numbers based on each delegation. Those of us delegating early get a huge bonus because I am putting all of my Steem power in without getting any return meaning those delegating get returns on my Steem power also.

Our hope is that providing this simple option to delegate to jerrybanfield in exchange for both funding Steem budget proposals and providing a 50% return on the bot's earnings will motivate investors to hold onto Steem power through providing a consistent and transparent return which adjusts immediately with the Steem and SBD prices.

Thank You For Joining Us!

We are excited to begin this journey together in collaborating to fund projects on Steem! Will you please join over 2,500 of us in voting for jerrybanfield as a witness at because 100% of the witness earnings are helping increase the voting power of the bot which makes for more profitable upvotes and higher returns for both budget proposals and investors delegating Steem power?

Jerry Banfield


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