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Best Support Group and Mentor Community for Entrepreneurs Online?


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How do we build a community of entrepreneurs interested in helping support each other which includes those we will be best able to connect with while excluding those primarily motivated by self-interest? After six years of working online, the best answer I have today is with my partner program at which I hope is helpful whether we become members or are interested in seeing how to setup a membership based community online today!

Our primary purpose in the partner program is to help each member start, grow, and maintain a self-sustaining businesses online. We are a membership community focused on supporting each other in working full time online which consistently includes reaching the next level and giving back the most we can each day to help make the world of our dreams together!

We collaborate and communicate in a private partner chat room on discord, in weekly calls on the partner voice chat room on discord, and in private messages with each other. Our relationships among partners allow us to provide the best feedback and develop the most effective methods of working together which empowers us to collectively to succeed! Our cost of membership helps us bring in those that are willing to make an investment in our community and provides many exclusive rewards!


Partners get exclusive access to a voice chat channel on discord where we meet once a week on different days and times to discuss what we are doing! Partners also enjoy a text messaging channel with priority responses from me and exclusive collaborations!

On Steem, partners gain exclusive access to an auto voter with 15,000+ Steem power dedicated to voting on posts by partners! The maximum upvote is 100% every two days or 50% for one post a day to help incentivize writing higher quality posts instead of maximizing quantity. Additionally, each week I intend to resteem the best post by each partner to help my millions of followers online to get to know each of my partners!

Want private label rights to all of my 3,000+ videos? All partners enjoy access to my partner dropbox folder with rights to use the videos in any way desired including selling video courses using my videos, uploading any video to YouTube even those I have not uploaded, and anything else desired!

At I have about 30 video courses included with partner membership along with a listing on the partner page!

Interested in private messaging me? Become a partner today to unlock the ability to send me a direct message on discord.

My goal with these rewards is to provide the very best help I can for every partner in building a self-sustaining business online!

Will You Join Us as a Partner Because We Will Learn and Grow Together?

How to join? We have three methods available!

Option #1: Pay with Steem by making the list of top upvoters on Steem as seen at or by sending USD equivalent Steem and/or SBD payments of $49 a month or $999 for life to @jerrybanfieldroi. For example, when the price of Steem is $10 USD to 1 Steem, the partner payment will be 4.9 Steem a month or 99.9 Steem for life! We can verify the transaction went through at

Option #2: Sign up on Patreon for instant access to discord at

Option #3: Sign up with the University of Jerry Banfield for instant access to courses at by using either the monthly or lifetime option.


  1. How does sharing this help Steem? Most of what we talk about in the partner chat and calls is Steem. Many of our partners started with no previous experience in Steem and through the partner program begin to make investments in time and money. Partners have collectively bought and powered up tens of thousands of Steem, published hundreds of blog posts, introduced Steem to hundreds of thousands of followers, and are continuing to invest more each day.
  2. Why make it cost money? The membership costs from the partner program help make a community of people interested in contributing rather than just focusing on what is received. After years of participating in free communities for entrepreneurs, I choose not to show up anywhere filled with spam and/or so many rules as to make connection difficult. Our partner program membership fee eliminates the majority of those joining purely out of self interest and allows us to operate freely without a huge page of terms and conditions forcing everyone to behave a certain way.
  3. Best free contact methods? The easiest way for me to see your message without being a partner is to comment on post within an hour of me going live on @dlive or reach out to a partner to have them forward me your message.

Thank you very much for learning about my attempt at making the best support group and mentor community for entrepreneurs online! We will be available to help you start, grow, and take your online business to the next level!

Jerry Banfield

My video is at DLive


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