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I Make Music to Help Us Uncover Our Joy and Inspiration!


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Music is the universal language that all of us speak regardless of where we live or what people are saying around us. The Bible says in Genesis 11:1 using the King James version "And the whole earth was of one language, and of one speech." As soon as I read that, I asked "What is the one language?" and the answer I received was "Music."

In our contributions to the world, I have learned it is critical to start with WHY because without that what we contribute may not help. I make music because when I listen to music with no words, vocals, or lyrics like Deadmau5, @tomasgeorge, and Armin van Buuren it helps me to uncover the joy inside.

My hope in making music is to help more of us discover that one language again which is easier to hear when it is free of other languages. The best way I see to do that is to build a live music station that offers viewers the best visual and audio experience I uniquely can provide. Here is where I am going live with this and will be hosting the station soon 24/7!
jerrybanfield/ Twitch ~~~

For Steem, this live music station is intended to be an ongoing promotional tool. When the live station is ready, every day I will add in secret codes that listeners can use to make a post that adds value to Steem with a minimum of 1,000 words which passes copyright screening and contains a narrative worth sharing. A link will consistently come up explaining how it works with a button to sign up for Steem, a requirement to make genuine comments on posts by others first, and explain how to add the secret tag immediately upon hearing it to a post already written in exchange for an upvote worth 10+ SBD with about 5 of these available a day. We tested this basic format in the supernatural writing contest at which helped authors earn tens of thousands of dollars in rewards in exchange for adding hundreds of stories that will bring readers to the Steem blockchain indefinitely for free.

In addition to the contest, the live music station will have links to the apps I use on Steem such as @dlive, @dsound, and directly to help users discover Steem through as many methods as possible.

Collaborating on promoting this station to begin with will provide the foundation of viewers watching all day every day which when combined with my existing audience will provide a way to promote Steem indefinitely without sending any money off of Steem to pay for ads.
Today I am live streaming my service, work, and joy in building this music station live with you. Thank you for reading with me today and I will see you on the live stream!

Jerry Banfield

My live stream is at DLive


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