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How and Why Delegate Steem Power? SP Delegation Tutorial!


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Delegating Steem power allows us to give another user the benefits of the stake we receive holding Steem! The most helpful tool I have found for doing that is available at which I demonstrate using in this tutorial!

Watch the Video Tutorial on @Dtube!

Why Delegate Steem power?

  1. Empower an application, author, or curator to make higher votes. @dtube, @dsound, @utopian-io, and @dlive have large delegations from Steemit Inc which help incentivize the use of these apps by providing higher rewards for authors using them and receiving upvotes. Thousands of individual users have delegations to help provide more effective curation.
  2. Earn money as an investor using voting bots. For an investor simply hoping to hold and earn without taking time to read posts and upvote every day, delegation to voting bots provides a transparent and simple system to get automatic daily payouts. Delegating to me currently earns about 36% APR in Steem for delegations. When the Steem and/or SBD price goes higher, these earnings also can increase significantly. At one point the payouts were 60%. View all the bots at

How to Get Steem?

For those of us newer to Steem, learn the basics including how to buy and sell on exchanges to fund our account at

Thank you for watching this video on @dtube which I hope is helpful for learning about delegation on the Steem blockchain!

Jerry Banfield

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