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Song #37 is So Bad I Cannot Help Laughing and Give Up Dancing!


2 years agoSteemit2 min read

Why release a song that is so bad I cannot help laughing and give up dancing to it? First, not everyone agrees on anything meaning this might end up as someone's favorite track. Second, when I start self-censoring I do it based on the belief I know what you like better than you do and I take the decision away from you whether it is good or not by withholding. Third, the temptation comes to just stop creating all together and start demanding some artificial perfect standard prior to releasing anything. Fourth, our world is full of over edited books, music, and movies that feel dead and what many of us are desperate for is to see others embrace imperfection so that we may too.

Finally, maybe seeing me put out music that another musician judges as awful which people listen to anyway will inspire that artist's creativity. I am often triggered by the poor quality work of others to create myself because "I can do better than that" kicks in unlike when we hear something amazing and think "I could never do that" and therefore why try?

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My purpose here is to help inspire the life of your dreams today and provide whatever help I am able to with that each day even if that means showing up with a song you might not like. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy song #37 in all its glory :)

Here is the video of me laughing at how bad it is as I make it!

Jerry Banfield

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