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Digital Nomad Living in Dubai — Day 22


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March 18th, I put all of my belongings in storage and hit the road full time — for the third time. I started off with a 3 day business trip in China, followed by 5 days in Hong Kong, then landed in Dubai — where I've been since. I'm 3 days shy from my 1 month anniversary and I'm deciding whether to stay longer in Dubai or move onto another country. The plan was to spend a month in a different country, every month. With summer approaching, I'm considering Europe.

Spending time in China was inspiring because of all of the manufacturing and wholesaling opportunities. Hong Kong inspired me because its one of the most expensive cities in the world and it was interesting to see how people move. Dubai inspires me because of all the real estate potential and the quality of life here.

I spent a few days Downtown Dubai, a few days in Dubai Marina, Silicon Oasis and The Palm. I got a taste of local life and being a tourist. There's so much to do here, it feels like a month isn't even enough time. I try to balance my days with work and play. I work online as an Art Director, I go out and take photos as my hobby and I spend my downtime with cryptocurrency.


I'm looking forward to the next few days and seeing where life takes me.


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