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STEEMFest - Travel Reimbursement Fund - Weekly Fundraiser - October 17, 2019


7 months ago2 min read

STEEMFest - Travel Reimbursement Fund (@t-r-f)

Weekly Fundraiser
October 17, 2019

The @STEEMFest Travel Reimbursement Fund (@t-r-f) is a fundraiser that helps support those that travel to the annual @STEEMFest extravaganza from around the world.

I have attended the last two @steemfest trips and I have participated in the @t-r-f reimbursement program both times. It's a wonderful way to give rebates to attendees based on the miles they traveled. @t-r-f has helped me to make @steemfest affordable for the past two years. Now I would like to give back.

Each week I will make a fundraiser post to support the @t-r-f. All liquid rewards earned from these posts will be donated to @t-r-f. This will be a nice head start to help grow the pot for next year's @steemfest attendees.

SAVE THE DATE: November 6-10, 2019 - Bangkok, Thailand

Upvote This Post to Support @t-r-f!

See you at @steemfest!

Amount Raised: 46.003 STEEM & 4.745 SBD


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