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Types of content to post on Social media


7 months agoSteemit

Types of social media content that converts. Social media post ideas.
★ Industry news
★ Share a link to blogpost/ YT video.
★ Video Snippets
★ Ask questions & trivias
★ Polls
★ Product/ place reviews
★ How to. Show people how to do something.
★ Customer reviews
★ User Generated Content
★ Tips and advice
★ Upcoming event news
★ Past event photos
★ Giveaways & freebies
★ New launches
★ Funny content
★ Infographics
★ Links to free resources you have.
★ Do you have a podcast? Share.
★ Are you hiring
★ Do you have a new team member
★ Were you featured somewhere?Post that.
★ Share your journey. Where you started vs now.
★ Lessons in your business
★ Go Live! Instagram. Fb. Periscope. YT
★ Share a quote
★ Host a chat ie. Twitter chats.
★ Take part in a chat.



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