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The Love story unfolds on the cruise - Maggie and Josh (20pics)


8 months ago5 min read

OK these two get married today... I was there when it started and feel like making them a little gift of their story in pictures... and how i remember it.

In fact I have like 15 minutes to write this post because I have to run to their wedding at the Payson, Utah Temple (Church of Jesus Christ-LDS)
... I'm doing double duty today... in the wedding and photographing it. (I actually am very happy for both, I feel i'd not enjoy a wedding that I wasn't photographing)


Each year my friend Cheri organizes an event for tons of single friends on a cruise. I've gone for ... probably too many times (still single)
This was my friend Josh's first time.

When I learned he was going I had Cheri kick out his roommate and we joined forces.
To be honest even though he got pretty distracted toward the end of the cruise he still stands as my favorite cruise roommate.


Josh said he saw maggie at church before the Cruise... I looked back at the group picture we took after church... no Maggie.

BUT... I apparently took a picture of her at the orientation meetup we had that first night on the boat. (i don't remember taking this picture. haha)

This was at the first time I remember meeting maggie... at a Sunday Fireside on the boat (aka a little uplifting speech and get together / presentation)

Maggie said at that event that she wanted to help with the end of cruise slideshow presentation I'd be doing.
Spoiler alert she never did... seems she got distracted. haha

I do remember at that first night event she was on her phone alot

Fun story when they did make it official i gave maggie 3 rules for dating my friend... and one was no messaging other boys when she was with Josh. haha


I mean we only just met her, she seemed nice and stuff.... but then we continued to hang out like good friends and do stuff on the boat.


Then with a rotating seating thing organized by Cheri... Maggie ends up at our table.

I don't remember thinking too much about it.


I remember this as a bit of happenstance... we just kinda come across Maggie on the beach of the first port. And what was a bit weird to me is that here's this really pretty girl all alone.
Was she a loner, was she stuck up and didn't want to be around people, was she hard to approach or something? She really didn't have close friends on the cruise?

Well anyway we became her friends...

And then I can't remember what happened I think I had to leave the two together and go photograph something for cheri?
Maybe that's where they bonded some more


Then there was some game night stuff...
I feel like we had to convince maggie to be in our group of like 5 or so people.
Also i remember her to still be on her phone a lot and not always too involved so i didn't think about it too much...

But of course they did one of the more "close" competitions together. haha

Then we ran into her again before the onsie dress up dinner.


Then well I think this was more or less around the time I started to see Josh less and less. haha

I did do a proper photoshoot on the boat and invited him to come
But i don't have a ton of shots of them for a lot of the cruise


I don't have a ton of pictures of them ... but i do have some
It was around this time I rarely saw josh.

But... we'll always remember the flipped picture shot that I got first haha

But then I did so for them


I can't remember exactly what I said but it was sometime after the beach and the game night that I was thinking I know she ignores people a lot on her phone but I also realized from checking out her Facebook that she had a deeply spiritual/religious side of her... and I remember saying to Josh "I think this maggie girl actually may be pretty cool"
I mean I knew she was pretty but i was deciding if she was a good nice girl.

Anyway josh didn't say anything... but I'm betting looking back he was smirking and not playing his cards... because obviously he thought so as well.


Today they get married and I'm very very very happy for them.
Josh is one of my favorite people and Maggie has ALWAYS been very kind and genuine to me which means a lot.

I need to be not late for the wedding so i gotta run... i'll share the wedding pictures soon

But here's an engagement picture


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