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Huge Thanks to those who created the Steem Proposal system @blocktrades and thanks @steemitdev for funding it. Proposals are off and running and now not only have 2 proposals been funded (even though the funds aren't very large yet) one proposal is done.

_ Picture taken last month as I passed through Death Valley on my way to the Sierras_


As of just last night the first proposal has successfully finished it's funding period and even better everything in the proposal has been coded and added to ... because that's just how awesome @asgarth is.


The first proposal in the "past" section... it ended up getting 201.92sbd and the goal was to hit 150sbd with stretch goals at 200 and 250. Well we understand that the proposal system was still growing and didn't have a lot of funds... so we did all the stretch goals anyway.


Every so often you're gonna start noticing these BURN icons and when you see them it should put a smile to your face because that means the supply of steem tokens just got a wee bit smaller making your tokens a wee bit more valuable.
We also made it easier for users to set their posts up this way when making a draft.


It's actually much cooler to see those burn icons than expected. That means a post is burning at least half the tokens and that's awesome for the whole community.


We started with a small proposal requesting just 150sbd it was motivating to figure out how things worked as we also developed an interface for Steem Proposals itself...

The next @steempeak proposal is a BIG one in my opinion.

My baby of sorts... I have a huge list of upgrades to TOKENS and TRIBES in particular. I dumped almost everything into ONE proposal. I want to create a tribe but if i'm gonna invite a ton of outside users I want to make sure they stick around (retention) and I want to show them things with the tribe are on the up and up. And hopefully others want their friends less confused and more educated as well.
FYI: One of the next big projects is making a glossary of all the steem words a new user may not know and integrating this sort of education right into SteemPeak... thoughts on that?


We started last summer in part because we were tired of going to a dozen sites to do everything and wanted to create one site for ourselves. Also because we knew we couldn't invite our friends and expect they learn 5 different sites.

With the cool tribe stuff we want our users and friends to be able to use these tokens...
With this proposal we're saying all the claim, delegate, stake, unstake stuff can be on SteemPeak... and that's great because there's a large group of people who are not gonna go learn a new website, hard enough to get them to use their time away from Facebook or Instagram. But if it the features came to them right where they are they'll happily use them. I know this because I have talked to people like my sister @sjarvie5 she kills it with her posts and earns quite a bit of pal tokens but I'm pretty sure they're sitting there unclaimed because she and many others aren't gonna go learn another site ... probably also because I told her we'd likely have it on SteemPeak soon enough.


SteemPeak is quietly ramping up for our big first marketing push, which means lots of people coming in from Outside Steem. We want to say "come on in we have a site where you can do lots of things" and we need to add features while removing complexity. So we need a bunch of features that make life easier for new users. This is just one set of those features.


I was thinking how can a normal user (or new to steem user) come in and understand what all these tribes do?

  • I myself don't know what kind of content half of these tribes accept.
  • I don't know what rules they have.
  • I can't seem to find their announcement posts
  • I don't have a grasp on their economics... i don't know if they have a white paper
  • I don't know who's calling the shots for that tribe and their economy
  • I don't know what their future plans for token distribution or utility (or as @aggroed would say sinks and faucents)
  • I don't know their inflation rates, i don't know how much is available each day in their reward pool... etc

Below is also from the SteemPeak proposal it will be nice to have an ABOUT PAGE with lots of information to help understand the economics of a tribe.
I don't know all these things about the tokens... i suppose i could put on my investigators cap and i could research but that's only because i happen to know where to find the info right now. We have to think about the new user who just finds Steem and it's been months since palnet or steemleo has started and all the education has seemed to die down. Now where does the new user go?

Here's another list of information that we're planning to create a database for. These are the resources I want to see to help do my research into a tribe to make good decisions about it.

SteemPeak is currently collecting votes we have 61 supporters for the proposal so far but we still need some big votes to get to the funding stage.

Help promote ... if you're in a tribe: write a post why this will help your tribe.

Because I really really believe it will help tribes and in particular new users who are intrigued but don't have the information they want to make a decision one way or the other. Tag me or @steempeak in the post I'd love to support it.



Figured i'd take the opportunity to show a couple more pictures of the dunes


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