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2 months ago

Hi Steemit Friends,

In the last 24 hours, I'm sure many of Steem users are jumping for joy with Steem prices at once stage hitting 20c! Since my last post with a screen shot with Steem at 14c and my prediction of 20c will make people happy, I didn't expect this to happen within 24 hours!

If you see the charts right now, it is currently sitting at 18.5c still well above 14c we say yesterday and that was high for what we have seen for some time. BTC has gone past 9k with the hope it will hit $10k next week. SBD was close to $1 at one stage. Can we make this happen soon? As a Steem holder, I would be holding as I do believe there will be more projects this year that will make Steem more attractive. We have Splinterland and Steem Hunt in my eye are a success, let's make this year a better year for all on Steem!

steem 2020.png


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