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Cotton Coin. Cotton farming blockchain solution.


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The following post will expose a tool that will greatly help cotton growers and the cotton industry. Cotton Coin, a decentralized solution based on the blockchain to manage not only payments and transactions, but also an ecosystem to record each process that goes with the cotton supply chain, from the producer to the final customer.

Current Plight

It is no secret to anybody that farmers obtain the lowest price of what they sow, it is generally the distributors, wholesalers and large corporations who obtain the greatest profit from production. Most of the time it is the farmers who live in rudimentary conditions and are exposed to the dangers of contamination by pesticides and are poorly paid, especially if they are from third world countries.

The cultivation of cotton is not exempt from these difficulties. The so-called white gold by the large clothing and textile manufacturing companies has become one of the products in greatest world demand. Representing 75% of world production (20 tons per year).

However, the cotton industry also suffers from the same problems mentioned above: poor working conditions, delayed payments, poor agricultural support policies, corruption and more.

Cotton Coin

Cotton Coin, is an ecosystem developed under blockchain technology, which will allow data and transactions on the cotton industry not to be corrupted or deleted. Integrating all the fundamental parts of the cotton industry: from farmers, producers, wholesalers, retailers, authorities to consumers. Making the entire process of the supply chain transparent and traceable by all system members.

Cotton Coin allows you to use its own token as an alternative of payment system instead of a fiat currency, which facilitates and speeds up payments, thus eliminating intermediaries that make transactions slow and expensive, especially in Third World countries, which represent the largest producers of the item.

By allowing transparency and traceability of the process, Cotton Coin will improve the distribution of cotton, thus generating a global view of cotton suppliers solving the problems of acquisition, will contribute with updated information on prices worldwide, supporting fair trade and building trust among the elements of the cotton supply chain in emerging markets. Giving a strong blow to the corruption that occurs in this world of white gold.

Offering a growth alternative to the market of small businesses established in low-income countries.

Cotton Coin will ensure that its token is not mined, to prevent users who do not support cotton farming from benefiting from exchanging tokens.

B2B Mobile DApp

Cotton Coin offers a mobile decentralized tool (DApp) for industries, which offers options for: shipment information and receipt of cargo (Logistics transactions); information corresponding to the cargo: identification number of the cargo, weight, information of origin, etc. (Cotton safety information); inventories and tools for the authorities; It also includes tools that generate reports on activities and transactions. This application is capable of reading bar codes or QR codes for identification and recognition purposes of shipments, products and packages.

Cotton Coin offers an open API for third-party companies, so they can develop their own applications and traceability solutions.

B2C Consumer Mobile DApp

Cotton Coin offers a decentralized application (DApp) mobile for customers, which will allow to know the information of the cotton they buy (origin, history, etc.). It offers a barcode reader or QR codes. This application comes for Android and IOS systems.

Advantages of Cotton Coin

  • Credibility. The blockchain technology on which Cotton Coin works allows transactions to be indelible and unalterable and transparent for all those who are part of this ecosystem. In addition, Cotton Coin will provide an intelligent warning system that will monitor the entire process of the cotton supply chain (from producers to consumers), which increases confidence and credibility in the system.

  • Cost effectiveness. The use of the Cotton Coin platform is cost low and does not require expensive equipment.

  • Methodology. Cotton Coin offers a methodology in detail to implement emerging markets through a roadmap.

  • Consumer participation. It offers a mobile decentralized application (DApp), where the consumer can be part of the ecosystem and the supply chain; through which they can participate by valuing the suppliers through their transactions and earning Cotton Coin tokens for their opinions (Reputation System).

  • Pragmatism. Cotton Coin does not come to change or interrupt the supply chain; It provides a tool that will make the process more transparent, making it available to everyone who uses the system.

  • Refund. Cotton Coin will offer reimbursements to those companies that provide information pertaining to traceability and security in the supply chain. These refunds will be in tokens.

Versatile Traceability System

The Cotton Coin ecosystem allows its users to know the entire cotton supply chain, from the producer to the consumer. It allows carrying the transport logistics and also each transported package contains the information of origin (origin, farm, etc) and history of it (cotton safety data).

Use Cases

Basit from Pakistan

He is a university graduate who had to take over his parents' cotton business. He adopted Cotton Coin to manage the methods of business payments, especially with foreign clients; thus avoiding the delay (3 days) of the banks in processing the payments of the transactions.

Wei from Hubei, China

She lives in a family cotton farm in Hubei, who have been growing cotton for 50 years and she explains that even though the world demand for cotton is great, it is difficult to be a farmer of that type, since they work every day, but the profit it is very little since they sell their product to agents who do not pay or are slow to pay, affecting them greatly. She also thinks that Cotton Coin will streamline payments, so that these agents will be forced to pay as well.

Robert from California, USA

Robert is a cotton farmer from California, who makes many exports to Mexico, Honduras and China. However, payments made from Central America and South America take too much time to process. He believes that Cotton Coin will provide a great change by providing a means to manage payments immediately and expects the Cotton Coin token to be a day as valuable as Bitcoin.


Definitely Cotton Coin will offer a feasible alternative to improve cotton cultivation and production globally. Presenting, in a transparent way and within the reach of any person, the entire cotton supply chain. In this way, each user: farmers, wholesalers, retailers, corporations and government entities that are part of the ecosystem, can access the information of cotton shipments throughout its process, from its production to the sale of the final customer. The best part of all is that it provides a reliable and instantaneous payment method in comparison with conventional ones, where the intermediary is eliminated, helping producers and retailers to found emerging markets.


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