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You are a witness and you want to gain visibility ? Read this.


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As you may know, @ivoted just released its project, aiming to make people vote for witnesses. But one of the goals of @ivoted is also to talk about witnesses, about what they do for Steem and the community. This will be a good opportunity to introduce them individually to the public again.

How ?

Just get in touch with us. A room on our discord is dedicated to witnesses, so you'll be able to let us your introduction URL. Then, regularly, we will post articles about them, one after the other. In order to avoid conflicts, the first arrived will be the first served.

What will you talk about ?

Well, the goal here is to make you known of the public. The main problem on the Steemit witnesses page is that only the 50 first witnesses are listed. So it's hard to get known if you are outside the top 50. So we want to talk about you, who you are, what you did for the community, what you plan to do, and so on. It's just like starting a new campaign !

And then ?

Another problem is that posts on Steemit are ephemeral. Indeed, it's hard to see a post if it's more than 7 days old, unless you know the author, and directly get onto his profile.
So we are actively thinking about a way to get it permanent and easy to find. It's not decided how exactly yet, but be sure you will be easily found soon.
There are actually about 400 witnesses (130 active), we want to give a chance to everybody ! Our first goal is to pull the 130 active to the top 130.

Call to delegation

As our bot is based on upvotes to reward people who vote, we need SP. All delegations are welcome, I think I don't need to explain how it works, so I'll just say we count on you.

We wish you all the best, hope we'll see you soon !


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