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Vote for witnesses and get engaged in the #ivoted initiative - Howto


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Hi fellow steemians

Want to enter our program and earn a fee thanks to your witness votes ? But you do not know exactly what to do ?

Here's a step-by-step.

Subscribe to the program

First, you need to subscribe. To do so, it's very easy. All you have to do is to mention @ivoted in a comment (under this post, for example) or use the tag #ivoted in a comment or a post. You can also create a post using the #ivoted tag, explaining why you decided to vote for witnesses, why you choose one or another, etc. The bot will detect your mention automatically and register you to the program.

Vote for witnesses

Here's a video howto :

Few things you have to know :

  • voting for a witness doesn't drain your voting power
  • you can change your votes at any time without draining your voting power

Don't know who to vote for ? DON'T VOTE RAMDOMLY !

If you don't know who to vote for, please don't vote randomly, nor don't just vote for the reward. Your vote has consequences, so it must not be done too quickly.

Please know you can give your votes to the person of your choice, even to us. Your voice will be better used than making a bad vote, or worse, vote for an inactive witness. To set someone as a proxy, just follow the steps shown in the video below. You can also set @ivoted as a proxy !

Note : your proxy has to vote if you want your reward !

Here you are : you subscribed, you voted, or you set us (or someone else) as a proxy, so now you just have to wait for your reward ! But you have to know witnesses evolve, so keep up-to-date about what they do, and adapt your votes from times to times !


Governance and policy
Introduction of @ivoted, a witness voting incentive bot
Official launch of the #ivoted initiative
Complete list of witnesses

Your vote matters !


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