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Luxury hotel room in Singapore


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Our stay in Singapore A beautiful maisonette hotel room embellished with art hanging on the wall, designer lamps and stylish furniture.

We left Zürich Airport in Switzerland and flew with a direct flight to Singapore. It means a lot of planning, researching and booking. A bit of pressure to pack the bags and catch the flight on time. Then we sat in the Airplane and arrived safely in Singapore. Experienced a temperature shock and had to find our way to our hotel.

The Video Log

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The hotel room

When we talk about luxury hotel in Singapore most people think of the Marina Bay Sands hotel which is one of the most famous in the world but there are a lot more option in Singapore which offers luxury, are located in the center and are much more affordable!

This is me in front of a painted pillar in the streets of Singapore.

contrast of traditional architecture and modern housing.

The Durian fruit ready to buy at a china town market.

After a first impression of Singapore we where super excited to see more of this fantastic city. I hope this inspired you to travel and stay tuned ther is much more to come from singapore.


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