Knock Knock ..who's there..? "Knock Knock! ".. Knock Who..? Knock Knock jokes are here again ! : D


2 years agoSteemit

Here are some of my favorite Knock Knock jokes !

Who doesn't like Knock Knock jokes..They make you laugh..They make you curious for the conclusion part.. Some are lame..
Some are Awesome.. while some are witty .

I like to spread joy and make people laugh .

So here we go !

knock knock 1.PNG

Wait there are more..

knock knock2.PNG

Some more..

knock knock 3.PNG

Liking it.. want more..

knock knock 4.PNG

Hahah..even I am enjoying while I read and upload

knock knock5.PNG

Some more..

knock knock 6.PNG


knock knock 7.PNG

Knock Knock's are never sufficient for me.. At least I like reading more and more..

knock knock 8.PNG

Hope you all are enjoying these :)

knock knock 10.PNG

One Last but not the least ;)

knock knock final.PNG

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