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[ParallelPlay] AAR HoIIV: Soviet Union #6


10 months agoBusy3 min read


Trotsky has liberated all citizens of Roma and Italy!
Only the treacherous island of Sicily remains.

I was on autoplay it seems.
So, this little nation there thought, it could join the axis. I was looking so hard for it, until I realised, it is my neighbour.
And next to Leningrad!
But what you can see here is their deepest attempt into your communist motherland.
We crushed them with 3rd rated troops pretty hard.

On the other side of Europe, Some communists in Italy planned and executed a coup!
Oh, we are so surprised.

Of course you can join our faction.
The more the merrier

How long will those small number of divisions survive.
but at least, this will help our troops in the North, relieve them a bit from the ongoing attacks.

Meanwhile in Asia..
I have no idea, what's happening there.
Back and forth, we seem to be there still in our stalemate.

Italian troops are reaching the coup state.
The pressure will soon be there

Japan is attacking China.
This is going to be so good for our troops in the east.
Now the Chinese armies face another threat, this time from within.
Japan had a small landhold there.

Huge blow for Italy.
We gained Venice.
Now their troops in Austria need supplies to be delivered by ship.
This will weaken them.
At least a tiny bit.
But we can focus our Italian divisions to force southwards.

I was still crushing the Estonian Nation, while this happened.
Spain asked to join our faction.

This is going to be so amazing.
They have fresh troops, ships and airplanes.

Estonian lands no belongs to Mother Russia!

Troops in the Alps don't gain any ground, they are digged in.
But the North Italian Front is moving south, at quite the pace!

Mid May, our troops are short of Florence.
And this time we are going to hold it.

21.5. we have Roma in our hands.
We liberated the eternal city for communism!

Austro-Hungary is holding against our mighty force.
Once Italy is free, we move on here

June, the remaining troops in southern Italy are no match for our rolling thunder.
This helps them Italian rebels, they will now be able to reach out for our helping hands.
Soon Italy will capitulate.

I wish.
Sicily is holding strong.
This Island is a thorn in my eyes.

With the help of Japan, China will be crushed soon.
but most Land will fall into Japanese Hands..

I really thought I could finish this one today.
Or at least get Italy to surrender.
But this has to wait for my next session tomorrow.
Because Sicily is a hard one to crack open.
Also the Alps. Sigh.
But once we are in Vienna, Hungary will fall soon.
And moving my European Theatre into Asia will lead to certain victory there, too.

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